The US garrison and the city of Mannheim

The presence of the US Army, whose garrison was spread across several locations in Mannheim, not only left its mark on the city in terms of its buildings.

There were also many interpersonal exchanges – from festivals such as the “Ami-Mess” and events such as the Albert Schweitzer Tournament to private initiatives and associations and a wide variety of working relationships.

The German-American Friendship Week, established in 1954, offered a rich program of cultural, religious and sporting events.

However, the close coexistence of members of the US military and the people of Mannheim naturally also led to conflicts in very different areas.

Complaints about noise and environmental pollution were just as much a part of this as demonstrations against the “Panzerwald” and the US presence in general.

The “Anti-military hiking map” for the forest between Käfertal, Viernheim and Lampertheim, 1988.

Found objects

The Mannheim US garrison depicted in objects